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Top Ways You Can Lower Your Electricity Bills

    Lower Your Electricity Bills

    Money. We could all use a little bit more of it these days, regardless of your age, class or nationality. 

    With the economy in flux and prices skyrocketing, we figured a few tips on saving energy might be useful.

    Lowering your electricity bills isn’t hard. By simply changing your energy habits and usage you can have significant impact on your monthly overhead that adds up at the end of the year. 

    Easiest Ways to Save Money on your Electricity Bill

    Change Your Energy Provider

    This one is pretty obvious and could save you as much as 20% on your electric bill. If you reside in a state with energy deregulation like Texas, New York, Illinois or Ohio, you are able to select your electricity provider.

    Often, providers are capable of decreasing electricity supply prices because they are able to purchase electricity more often than your local utility; as they purchase for less consumers do not have as many expenses, it possible for them to attain lower prices.

    It is important that you check all your nearest providers’ prices, and contrast those with the prices being provided at your local electric utility to guarantee you are getting optimal supply rates.

    The excellent thing is that your local utility will carry on providing electricity to your house, so there is no need to have someone visit your home and you won’t lose power when you make the change. It really is a no-brainer!

    Disconnect Appliances When They Aren’t Being Used

    Like an “electricity vampire,”, appliances can use up energy even if they are connected to a wall outlet but not turned on. As per the United States Department of Energy, 1/4 of the energy used by home appliances and electronics is used when they are powered off.

    For more information on lowering your electricity bills is, check out the US Department of Energy’s official blog post on this phenomenon.

    Monitor Your Refrigerator’s Thermostat

    As per the USDA, a refrigerator’s optimal temperature is maintained at 40 degrees or lower. Is your refrigerator unnecessarily cold?

    1. Check the temperature using a thermometer, and then, if the temperature is too low, turn it up. It also doesn’t hurt to turn off the ice-maker. Instead, purchase some small plastic ice trays or do away with ice completely. Every little bit counts!
    2. Once Your Laptop is Fully Charged, Unplug It But make sure to sing it a lullaby before you put it to sleep! If you resemble my family in any way, a little rest and relaxation after a long work day and chasing the kids around never hurts.
    3. Break out the Monopoly board, or invite some buddies over for a game of Euchre by the candlelight! You know, the gift your Aunt Margaret gave you for Christmas last year.

    If you’re reading a small book, there’s no reason to have to light up the entire room!

    Dry Your Clothes Out in the Sun

    Most people believe that gas furnaces or dryers do not use electricity. The heat is created from the gas, but a motor, which uses electricity, powers the drum.

    Electric dryers use double the electricity that gas dryers use. And, if you want to take it to the next level, don’t wash your garments after every wear.

    Unless, of course, you have terrible aim with your fork or didn’t remember to wear deodorant that day. Just give your shirt the “smell- test,” and choose whether to throw it into the nearest laundry bin or hang it up in the closet.

    Only Do Dishes When the Dishwasher is Filled Up and Dial Off the Heat Dry Option

    Or, you could wash it all by hand, but be careful not to use too much water or your gas bill will suffer.

    Consider Getting Rid of Appliances You No Longer Use

    For instance, discard food scraps on your plate rather than using the garbage disposal. Sport a 70’s style and allow your hair to air-dry whenever you can. Rather than doing your makeup in the powder room, do it next to a window.

    Use a fork rather than a hand mixer when making mashed potatoes. Use the broom instead of the vacuum. And so on and so forth. Once you begin to realize how many electronic devices you use every day, you find out how easy it is to live without them. Give it a shot!

    Bonus Tips:

    • Open your blinds in the winter close them in the summer.
    • Instead of using air conditioning, make use of your ceiling fans.
    • Clean the coils in your refrigerator, as well as the filters in your furnace and air conditioning unit; they will all work more efficiently.
    • Instead of using a clock radio as an alarm clock, simply use your cell phone’s built-in alarm.

    Once you begin to realize the savings from making using of some of these guidelines, you can consider energy efficient home improvements by buying Energy Star certified appliances, replacing your conventional light bulbs with LEDs, installing motion triggering light fixtures and implementing a programmable thermostat.

    Looking to get a project going?

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