Image of a Storm Cloud

What To Do Before The Storm

    It is storm season in Texas, again. We experience just about every known weather catastrophe known to man short of major earthquakes (crosses fingers).

    Image of Home Garage Conversion

    Garage Conversion Cost Overview

      This is for those of you who are on the fence about converting your garage into an additional living area. Most do not realize just how much a garage conversion cost. Is it worth it?

      Ice Dams

      Damn Ice or Ice Dams?

        Ice dams will form when ice and/or snow melts and refreeze at or above the eaves of your roof. This article provides some insights on the differences between the two.

        DIY Winter Home Improvement Projects

        DIY Winter Home Improvement Projects

          Time to ring in the new year but don’t let being stuck inside keep you from getting started. Here are 5 simple DIY winter home improvement projects.