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Homeowner Tips On Branded Roofing Systems

    Homeowner Tips On Branded Roofing Systems

    Some homeowners spend more time and thought on hiring the right landscaping company than they do in selecting the right roofing company.

    We have come across several that seem to allow almost anyone that knocks on their door, climb on their roof. Then, they hire the roofing company with a smooth-talking sales rep that offers the lowest price using the cheapest materials. Cheaper materials are not better when it comes to the roof of your home.

    “A homeowner should make smart decisions, not cheap ones…”

    Others may even think new shingles means a new roof, not realizing that a new roof requires several components. Roofing scams are very common, unfortunately. Having knowledge about how a roof system works will put you a few steps ahead of most scammers and help you choose the right roofing company for the job.

    So, let’s take a look at what you can have for just a little more money, also known as “the Smart Buy”.

    Components of a Roofing System

    There are many components of a roof system that are necessary but aren’t considered “Branded” because they aren’t manufactured specifically like the underlayment, shingles and ridge vent are.

    Roofing Systems consists of three major functions:

    • Seal
    • Defend
    • Breathe

    Let’s dig into the roles these three major parts play in our breakdown of a branded roofing system.

    Branded Roofing Systems: Seal, Defend, and Breathe


    • Underlayment – there are several different types of underlayments such as #15 and #30 felt paper and synthetic roofing underlayments, all of these underlayments are designed to protect your roof from moisture and damage and provides another level of protection against the elements. These components are also very important because they aid in an asphalt shingle roof assembly to obtain it’s Class A fire rating.
    • Self-adhering membranes such as Ice and Water shield, WeatherLock and StormGuard (depending on the shingle manufacture you’re using) provides a higher level of defense to ice and water. They are usually installed in areas that are vulnerable to ice and water such as along the perimeter over the soffits, eves and in the valleys.


    • Starter shingles – These shingles are installed along the perimeter of your roof they seal the first course of shingles and helps secure the shingles and provides higher wind resistance.
    • Shingles – this is what everyone sees when they look at their roof and possibly the only component that homeowners consider when they are getting a new roof. There are several different styles, classes, and classifications for shingles so it’s wise to find out as much as you can about the shingle before choosing the color.
    • Hip and ridge shingles – These are the shingles that are capped over the roof’s peak and contours they help protect against rain and wind while enhancing the overall look of your roof by giving it a finished look.


    • Ventilation – This is a very important part of your roof system because it’s important for your home to breathe. A roof that is properly ventilated will help improve airflow and defend it against heat and moisture damage. Ventilating your roof is also ventilating your attic which includes air intake (soffit vents) and exhaust vents (ridge vent, turbine vents, power vents to mention a few) to help control airflow and help prevent mold and ice dams by managing attic temperature.

    Other Roofing System Components

    There are also other necessary components that aren’t mentioned because they are the non-branded part of your complete “Branded” roof system and you should always replace and/or install them when having your roof done.

    These components are drip edge, pipe flashing, chimney, and wall flashing to mention a few. They are also very important because they contribute to you having a tight secure roof.

    Why Hire Us As Your Roofing Company?

    When you hire a qualified and reputable roofing contractor, you may obtain an extended warranty as well as get the job done right the first time. We have over 40 years experience and are determined to provide our customers with a quality roofing system they can depend on.

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