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Exorcising Ghosts From Your Home

    It’s October and time to think about Halloween and things that go with it, such as ghost, spooks and phantoms. This is a Do-it-Yourself tip on how to exorcise ghost out of your home and you won’t need a Priest or holy water.

    DIY Winter Home Improvement Projects

      Time to ring in the new year but don’t let being stuck inside keep you from getting started. Here are 5 simple DIY winter home improvement projects.

      How To Install Perfect Pocket Doors

        Homeowners install pocket doors to save space or to create more usable spaces when surface area or square footage is limited. Here is an article on How To Install Pocket Doors.

        Common Winter Home Improvement Tips

          If you aren’t fully prepared for the cold weather, your home, family and wallet could be the ones to suffer, here are some common winter home improvement tips.

          DIY Tips on How to Clean Smoke Damage

            Smoke damage can be more of a cosmetic fix depending on the extent of damage. We made a list of safety gear that you will need before you begin but here is how to clean smoke damage in a home.