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How to Waterproof Your Windows and Doors

    how to waterproof your windows and doors

    Drafts around doors waste energy by allowing heat to escape in the winter and to enter the house in the summer. Fortunately, this is a problem that is inexpensive and easy to fix. There is a wide variety of gasket kits available at DIY stores for stopping drafts around doors.

    They include:

    • Rubber gaskets that can be attached around the inside of the door jamb with small nails placed at least every six inches.
    • Vinyl gaskets that adhere to the surface of the door jamb; these can be removed at the end of the season if desired.
    • Insulation is perfect for filling gaps on the inside, a caulk/seal on the exterior of the window will seal the leak.

    Side note: I don’t like to tell people to use expanding foam around their windows because most of them will use Great Stuff which over expands, it makes a huge mess and can really jack up your windows.

    It is important the gaskets are attached to the top of the door and down both sides to be effective. If the door will not close easily, you can switch to a thinner gasket made of wool that is available at the DIY store.

    The area under the door may still have space between the threshold and the doors bottom. There are a wide variety of gaskets available that slide over the bottom of the door and fill the space. They are kept in place with adhesive or small nails. Place it on the door, close it and adjust the gasket to seal the gaps. Attach the gasket to the door.

    Older homes could have home windows that may be leaking air or water, don’t worry, this is also an easy fix. Fill the gap with insulation because it works well and it’s not messy. If your windows are leaking water you probably need to caulk/seal the exterior of the windows, this will stop the water and air from leaking.

    By proactively taking care of the drafts in your home, your family can stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with lower electricity bills.

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