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Homeowner Tips

What to Do After The Storm

    Its storm season in Texas, again. In this blog we provide some useful tips of what to do after the storm so you’re prepared for anything.

    What To Do Before The Storm

      It is storm season in Texas, again. We experience just about every known weather catastrophe known to man short of major earthquakes (crosses fingers).

      Damn Ice or Ice Dams?

        Ice dams will form when ice and/or snow melts and refreeze at or above the eaves of your roof. This article provides some insights on the differences between the two.

        All Types of Wall Mounted Sliding Doors

          Looking for a door that is stylish, convenient and saves you space? Look no further than wall mounted sliding doors or possibly a pocket door. Here you go.

          Useful Home Improvement Ideas For Winter

            The winter season can be a magical time of year until the utility bills come in. Staying nice and warm at a cheaper price is the goal, so here is eight home improvement ideas for winter.