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Choosing the Right Types of Windows For Your Home

    Types of Windows

    If you are thinking about having new windows installed at your home in the near future, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at this point in time by the large number of window options available to you. How will you ever be able to decide?

    Choosing Types of Windows

    Fortunately, the process does not need to be as difficult as you think. By keeping some basic considerations in mind, you can choose the right type of windows for your home with the right information. Read on to find out about the various most common types of windows, their features, and main benefits.

    Wood-Frame and Fiberglass-Frame Windows

    These are among the most popular window options these days because this particular style of window is versatile, energy efficient, and durable. Wood-frame windows, as you may imagine, are made of durable hardwood whereas fiberglass-frame windows are made of a special fiberglass that is resistant to damage over time. This is a great option if you want a window that will last for many years to come.

    Vinyl-Frame Windows

    This type of window is another popular option, especially among those who are on a budget. These are similar in style to fiberglass-frame windows, but tend to be a little less energy efficient. Furthermore, it is not recommended that you paint vinyl, so these may not be as visually appealing as other types of windows, such as wood-frame ones.

    Awning-Style Windows

    This is a unique style of window that is quickly gaining popularity these days. These windows open from the top and swing down in a manner similar to that of an awning. The main benefits of this window type include better ventilation through the home and the fact that the awning-style window keeps water from entering the home during heavy rains.

    Casement-Style Windows

    This is a very traditional style of window that is still quite popular today. These windows open in a hinge-like fashion using a manual crank. Many people enjoy the customizable amount of ventilation and air flow that can be created with these windows depending on how wide you open them.

    Plus, if so desired, this type of window can be fully opened. The only drawback, really, is that they can be difficult to clean.

    Fixed Windows

    This particular window type is more for purposes of letting light in but not air; as such, these window do not open. On the bright side, you can get fancy with special glass designs and even unique shapes. Plus, you never have to worry about the window leaking or losing its seal.

    Hopper-Style Windows

    Hopper windows are very similar to awning-style windows, with the exception that this style actually opens from the bottom out as opposed to the top. Furthermore, these windows can be opened either inwards or outwards, which many home owners enjoy. Like awning-style windows, however, these can also be difficult to clean.

    Aside from the style of window you choose, it is also important to decide on other window features such as glazing, filling, and coatings.

    Double and Triple Glazing

    For additional insulation and reduced energy costs, many home owners these days are opting for glazed windows. Glazing involves sealing the space between two panes of window glass, and doing so can cut energy costs close to 50%.

    Low-E Coating

    Another option to consider is that of Low-E coating, which is an innovative way to cut down on energy costs. Essentially, Low-E coating is a very thin, metallic layer of mirrored material. As such, the coating is able to reflect heat from the sun’s rays into the home during the cold months of winter, and keep it out during hotter months of summer.


    For additional energy efficiency, many windows these days can be filled with argon or krypton gas. This option is a great way to improve energy efficiency without having to alter the appearance or tint of the windows in the process, as is the case with many other types of energy-efficient windows.

    As you can see, there are a number of considerations that should be kept in mind when shopping for new windows. Now that you are more familiar with your options and the benefits of each, however, you should be in a much better position to make a well-informed decision when it comes to your new windows.

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