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Exorcising Ghosts From Your Home

    Exorcising Ghosts From Your Home

    It’s October and time to think about Halloween and things that go with it, such as ghost, spooks and phantoms.

    This is a home improvement Do-it-Yourself tip on how to exorcise ghosts out of your home and you won’t need a Priest or holy water.

    I know you’re thinking you don’t have any ghost, spooks or phantoms in your house.

    Well, do you have a door that swings open or closes by itself? If so, it’s not the phantom in the hallway it’s because you have what’s known as a ghost door.  

    Most of the time when this happens it’s because the wall is out of plumb when the door jamb was installed. But it’s not always the case sometimes there could be a twist in the jamb, door or your house shifting.

    Whatever the case maybe this homeowner tip will exorcise those ghosts.

    Getting Started With the Home Exorcism

    Remember when I said you won’t need a Priest?

    Well, you don’t but what you will need is…

    1. a hammer; and
    2. a 1” x 4” or 2” x 4” (or a similar board).

    Step-by-Step Exorcism Without Even Getting The Church Involved

    A. Remove a hinge pin, place your board on the floor (concrete preferably),
    B. place the pin on the floor and on your board (angled, one end on the concrete and the other on your board);
    C. now, give it a good smack with your hammer bending the pin.
    D. Put the pin back into the hinge and see if the door swings. If it still swings bend another pin and repeat as needed till the door doesn’t swing on its own.

    See how easy that was?

    What happens is the bent pin puts the hinge in a slight bind stopping it from swinging on its own.

    Normally just bending one pin will stop it from swinging on it’s own but sometimes you’ll need to bend all of the pins and at times even more than slightly. 

    Older homes can have problems like this, which is why it is good to call a home improvement specialist like the ones right here at Inside Out Home Improvement to take a look at it and fix issues you may not be able to maintain for various reasons.

    And that’s how you exorcise ghosts out of your home without calling a priest.

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