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Do It Yourself Siding Maintenance Tips

    siding maintenance tips

    Your siding is a significant investment in the value of your home. Proper maintenance can help to keep it looking its best, preserving your investment and helping to save you money on energy costs. Spending just a small amount of time on maintenance can ensure that your home siding is functioning properly by keeping out moisture, cold temperatures and winds.

    Siding Maintenance Tips

    Whether your siding is made of wood, vinyl or metal, proper maintenance can help to extend its lifespan and preserve the value of your investment.

    If you cannot do the recommended maintenance yourself, call the Dallas siding contractors at Inside Out Home Improvement to help with these routine tasks that will help preserve the life of your siding.

    How to Clean Siding

    Periodic cleaning will help keep your siding free of dirt and stains that may accumulate from tree sap, debris and effects of pollution. You can use a common garden hose to rinse off your siding to make it look clean again.

    Run the water over the surface of the siding, being careful to prevent the stream from entering crevices at an angle. This action will prevent water from getting under the siding where it can do damage.

    A long-handled brush can help you to remove stubborn dirt and stains from the surface of the siding. A pressure washer can do damage to some types of siding and should only be used by an experienced roofing contractor.

    How to Inspect Your Siding

    A routine inspection of your roof is also recommended noticing any obvious problems that may develop over time. To do this, walk around your home and look carefully at the siding surfaces to determine if any damage has occurred during the winter months or in the spring and summer after storms.

    Notice any separation, denting or gaps. Pay particular attention to areas around doors and windows, areas in direct sunlight and areas that might sustain damage from nearby trees. Make mental notes about areas that should be examined by a contractor.

    Prompt Siding Repairs

    If you find problems during your inspection of the siding, ensure that the repairs are made promptly before they become worse and cause more expensive repairs. You may be able to do minor repairs yourself, such as securing gaps or removing damage from hail.

    For more essential siding repairs, call the home improvement contractors at Inside Out Home Improvement to do a thorough inspection and determine the cost of repairs.

    Our siding contractors are happy to give you a free quote on the work we believe to be necessary. Be aware that delays in repairing your siding damage can lead to further damage to exterior walls and internal structures.


    Understanding the importance of your homes siding will help you to keep it well maintained and functioning. When the integrity of the siding is compromised, the underlying materials are at risk of further damage.

    With just a bit of time and trouble, you can keep your home siding in good condition and find any problems in the early stages before serious damage has occurred.

    The siding professionals at Inside Out Home Improvement can help you maintain your siding, keeping it looking good for many years to come. Contact us today to ensure that your homes siding is in top condition, protecting the appearance and value of your home.

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