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All Types of Wall Mounted Sliding Doors

    Wall Mounted Sliding Doors

    Style, convenience and space are key when it comes to wall mounted sliding doors. They slide horizontally on roller wheels while suspended or mounted on a track. A variety of sliding doors can be purchased by modern consumers. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options.

    Types of Wall Mounted Sliding Doors

    Designed to slide along their own length, pocket doors are hidden inside of a pocket in the wall when open. In most cases, pocket doors have rollers on a track mounted overhead, but some have tracks on the floor.

    Pocket Doors

    Pocket doors are used in many different places, including offices, bathrooms, closets and utility rooms, which are usually too low on space to make hinged doors feasible. Some homes use pocket doors to give unique design features to a room, and the availability of both single and double-door types boosts architectural options.

    Arcadia Doors

    Arcadia doors are another common sliding door type. Made of rectangular glass, Arcadia sliding doors are mounted on rollers that are parallel to a similarly shaped glass panel that is fixed in place. When the door is open, it aligns with the glass panel beside it, and when closed, the door remains alongside the panel.

    Arcadia doors may be used as barriers separating the inside and outside areas of a home, often opening to a patio or deck. Arcadia doors are commonly referred to as sliding glass door or patio door.

    Bypass doors

    Bypass doors are a type of sliding door that is commonly used in pantries or closets. Sliding past and behind the other when opened, bypass doors stand beside each other when closed and block the entryway. Tracks, mounted at both the bottom and top of the door frame, fit directly onto bypass doors.

    Popular Siding Door Types

    Some other popular types of sliding doors are shuttered or louvered, mirrored, shoji screens and French. Louvered or shuttered sliding doors are often used on the fronts of utility rooms, storage closets or kitchen pantries. Similar in appearance to real shutters, they are often made up of a pair of doors that slide toward each other from a point in the middle.

    Mirrored Doors

    Mirrored doors are actually a sub-type that may be found among bypass or pocket sliding doors. Typically, mirrored sliding doors are used to make rooms appear to be bigger and give consumers a convenient full-length mirror.

    French Doors

    French doors are normally swinging doors and are made in sliding form for consumers who are interested in conserving space. Basically, French doors have been modified to slide rather than swing into the rooms in which they’re installed.

    Shoji Screens

    Shoji screens are a type of Japanese sliding door that has been made for centuries. Made of translucent paper and wood, they are practical as well as stylish options for homeowners who want to give their home an Asian feel. Shoji screens are common used in entryways to backyards or gardens.

    Wall Mounted Sliding Door Tips

    Be sure to choose sliding doors to fit the rooms in which they will be installed. Before shopping, measure the space to ensure that you get the right size.

    If you don’t think that you can complete the installation on your own, hire a professional to do the job so that you’ll be satisfied with the results. However, installation of wall-mounted sliding doors can usually be completed in a single weekend if you’re fairly handy.

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