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7 Energy Efficient Upgrades For Homeowners

    energy efficient home upgrades

    When it comes to saving money on your home energy bills, it is very important to go about utilizing energy efficient home upgrades.

    Common Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

    These different upgrades will drastically reduce the amount of money you spend every month on your utility bills. It also allows you to live a greener lifestyle, so you reduce your overall carbon footprint. While there are many different options available for energy efficient home improvements, these are some of the very best options available to you.

    Start with an Energy Efficient Audit

    Before it is possible to know how to improve your home, you need to know where the vital areas of your house are. Chances are there are specific areas around the house bleeding energy and stand as the most important areas for you to identify.

    Start by correcting these issues first. To perform an energy efficient audit, you just need to bring in an energy professional to inspect your home and determine where the overall efficiency can be improved.

    Find and Fix All Leaks

    Filling in the leaks around the house is going to prevent your treated air from escaping and the non-treated air from entering your home.

    There are all sorts of areas around your house, especially if you live in an older house, that might have such leaks. The problem areas are generally around doors and window, but you are also going to find many of these issue locations are around the attic and basement, as well.

    Insulate Your Attic

    Insulating your attic does two different things. First of all, it is going to save you money, especially during the winter months. As it grows colder and you turn on the heat, the hot air rises, reaching your attic, upon which point it funnels out.

    However, if you insulate your attic, you are going to prevent this from happening, allowing you to save money every month on you energy bill. It is also going to improve the value of the house as you can now add additional rooms and features inside the attic.

    Seal off Ducts

    A good amount of energy is lost in cracks and open areas inside your duct work. In order to reduce the amount of money you spend on the energy, you need to seal off the ducts and repair the damaged leaks. You might need the assistance of a trained professional, but it is going to allow you to do just this.

    Use Programmable Thermostats

    When you leave the house, you have the dilemma of either turning down the heat or air while you’re gone, or leave it up. If you leave it up, you are spending too much money treating your air, and if you turn it down, you return to an uncomfortable home.

    With a programmable thermostat, this no longer is a problem, as you simply have to set the temperature at different parts of the day. Some Internet connected thermostats now allow you to control the equipment while you’re out of the house.

    Install Energy Efficient Windows

    Glass is not a strong insulation material, so you do lose a good amount of your treated air through the glass windows; old windows especially.

    This is why you need to trade in the old windows for an energy-efficient window replacement, which should save you a good amount of money over the lifetime of your house (not to mention increasing the value drastically of the house).

    Replace Old Doors

    Like your windows, doors can be replaced with energy efficient doors.

    These ideas are just to name a few, if you would like more ideas on energy efficient home upgrades contact us. We will suggest ideas that are tailored to fit your home and budget. Start by changing the phrase, “go big or go home” to “go green at home”.

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