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Can You File a Siding Damage Insurance Claim?

    siding damage insurance claim

    Depending on the extent of your homeowners policy and the different facets of its coverage, you should be able to claim siding damage.

    However, damage caused by specific circumstances like a tornado or flood, for example, might require specific coverage. Check with your agent to ensure that you have adequate coverage for weather and specific natural disasters that may affect the area where you live.

    Filing a Siding Damage Insurance Claim

    Presuming you are covered for the contingencies that caused the damage, you should file insurance claims as soon as it is feasibly possible.

    If further damage is incurred subsequent to the original damage, you might not be covered for the subsequent damage without proof that it was related to the original damage.

    Initiating the Claim

    Contact your home insurance company agent or the claims department. Inform them of the damage incurred and how it happened. Tell them you would like to file a claim for the damage.

    Make sure you have your policy in front of you so you can provide your policy number with your other personal data such as name and address.

    They may or may not ask if you’ve had an estimate of the cost of the damage. Whatever info you do provide will be passed on to an insurance claims adjuster.

    The Data Collection and Investigation Begins

    Once the claims adjuster receives the basic info, an investigation of the circumstances and damage will begin. This is normal and should not be considered in a negative way.

    The adjuster may contact you for additional information and details. The policy will be assessed to ensure that you are actually covered for the contingency that caused the damage.

    Once your coverage is confirmed, the insurance company will assess the damage and the cost to repair damaged siding.

    This could take a few days or a week or more. Once the damage is evaluated, and costs have been determined, the adjuster will request a check on your behalf.

    Selecting a Reputable Siding Contractor

    There are a few ways to find a reliable siding contractor:

    • Angie’s List – Angie’s List allows homeowners and other people who have used professional services to give their assessment of a companies reliability, expertise and professionalism.
    • Friends, Family and Neighbors – Getting references from those you know and trust are the best way to get a reliable reference.
    • The National Association of the Remodeling Industry – NARI is a professional organization that ensures its members adhere to strict, professional standards. They can be contacted here.
    • The Better Business Bureau – The BBB is a helpful tool in assessing a contractor’s professionalism. Contact your local branch either online, by phone or visit their local offices.

    Need to file a siding damage insurance claim?

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