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Vinyl Siding

Your Dallas Vinyl Siding Experts

The Inside Out Home Improvement team is well versed in helping you get the most out of your vinyl siding installation project. We cary and support virtually every major vinyl siding product on the market and have deep experience in making sure that the job is done right. 

Vinyl Siding Width

There are most commonly four different widths of vinyl siding you may consider for your home improvement project:

  • 4” inch
  • 5” inch
  • 6” inch
  • 7” inch

Vinyl Siding Brand Warranties

The top vinyl siding manufacturers offer lifetime warranties and you may want to steer clear of those who don’t. Coverage for things like flaking, peeling, rusting, chipping blistering, rotting and / or cracking are a bare minimum in the warranty coverage for top vinyl siding brands and those are the brands we typically advise our customers use for their project. Some brands also offer warranties against hail damage, fading from sub damage and even the option to transfer over your warranty to new homeowners you may sell your home to.

Styles of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is available in many styles, colors and materials – and they are all not created equal. If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico or the Colorado area, the type of vinyl siding you choose may differ depending on the climate your home is in. Below is in overview of the various kinds of vinyl siding you may consider for your home improvement project. Below 

  1. Dutch Lap
  2. Traditional Lap
  3. Clapboard
  4. Smooth
  5. Beaded Seam
  6. Wood Grain
  7. Log Vinyl Siding
  8. Traditional Shake
  9. Cedar Shake
  10. Half-round (Scalloped)
  11. Hand-split Shakes

Need new vinyl siding for your home?

We know all the ins and outs of vinyl siding, can help you avoid common pitfalls, choose the best quality for price and help you install it at a competitive price.