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Roof Maintenance

To ensure that the roof does its job of protecting your business from damage, a roof must be maintained. Doing so will ensure that you maintain the maximum equity in your home. A properly maintained roof will provide a safe and dry environment that will increase productivity and prevent any disruptions to your business.

Preventive Roof Maintenance

Our survey of older roofs shows that doing minor repairs, along with scheduled low-cost maintenance, will add many more years of serviceable life to your roof. This is why we offer an affordable preventive roof maintenance service. This service offers the following benefits:

  • A complete inspection of the horizontal field surface.
  • An inspection of the vertical substrate.
  • An inspection of all seals and penetrations to ascertain the overall baseline condition of the roof.

Once this data is compiled by our professional staff, it will serve as a guide to aid you in making cost-effective decisions concerning roof repairs, ongoing maintenance programs and critical monitoring that will extend the life of your roof.

Call for an Assessment by a Dallas Roof Maintenance Professional

Our expert management team can assess your building and your needs to arrive at a low-cost roof system solution.

Once a roof has effectively met the end of its useful life, re-roofing will be a likely choice to make in order to realize substantial cost savings. This professional assessment will be based on the design of your building, your budget and how the facility is used.

We will design a roofing solution based on whether simple repairs are called for or the home needs to be completely re-roofed. Your budget and how the facility is used will also be of utmost consideration in order to give you a low-cost and best-value solution. In the end, you will make the call on whether to replace the roof or order repairs to extend the roofs serviceable life.

Don’t make a decision about your roof yourself when a Dallas roof maintenance company is available to help. Call a professional roofing contractor like Inside Out Home Improvement for a detailed roof assessment. Our team of experienced professionals can give you a free and detailed report that will help you determine whether your roof needs replacement or repair.

Need your roof repaired?

Whether you need roof maintenance and repair or a whole house makeover, we know home improvement inside and out!