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Garage Conversions

A garage can be made into an excellent family room, simply by using a system of partitions. This can divide the space into different zones. One zone is for use of your family. The other will hold the systems that keep your family comfortable; heating, cooling and plumbing. Installation of an additional telephone extension completes the transformation. Like magic you have provided your family a functional room that is bright, warm and welcoming.

A comparison of the costs for a new addition to your home is pale compared to the expense of a well done Dallas garage conversion. Use some imagination to take a look at your garage and see the conversion possibilities. Your family will gain a lot of valuable space, with uses limited only by your imagination. A bedroom, a play room, a game room or what ever the family needs. The experts at Inside Out Home Improvement can make that conversion look like that space has always been part of the original home construction.

Depending on your plans for use of the increased living space there may be a need for electrical installations, and extension of plumbing. For example, a new bedroom will be more useful if it has its own bathroom. For existing garages of double size or larger, careful planning can allow the front of the area to remain usable for vehicle protection. The remaining portion becomes your new living area.

It is required in Texas, according to the regulations of each municipality, to have permits for building obtained and visible on the project site. You may find that zoning requirements put limits on the changes you can do to your garage area. As always, rooms where people live have requirements for entry and exits, under all types of situations. These are legalities that must be taken care of before any work can be done.

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