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Save $$$ On Energy Bills!

1Save $$$ On Energy Bills!

Let us help you can save money on energy bills and add value to your home. A Home Energy Makeover is the first step to modernizing your home. Get Started Today!

2Invest In Your Home & Wallet

When you book an appointment our professionals help you make the best energy efficient decisions that save you money on energy bills. Simple changes = big differences.

Invest In Your Home & Wallet
Payment Options & Financing

3Payment Options & Financing

Do not let a tight budget stop your Home Energy Makeover! Our payment options and financing partners help you modernize your home with energy efficient upgrades.

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Modernize Your Home for Energy Efficiency

If you haven’t taken the steps needed to make your home more energy efficient, you are wasting tons of energy and literally throwing money out of your windows. Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you know how many watts per bulb you are using? How many times are you replacing bulbs a year? Do you still shop for 60-watt bulbs? Did you know there are 5-15 watt bulbs on the market?
  • Is your attic properly insulated? Is your insulation at an R-38 rating?
  • Are your hot water pipes insulated properly?

If you answered “No” or “I Don’t Know” to any of these questions, it is time for a Home Energy Makeover.

Some facts about energy usage and money spent on light bulbs alone.

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7 Energy Efficient Changes To Help You Save Money

We fix these 7 common issues in one sweep when you get a 2018 Home Energy Makeover.

Once you pay, you then schedule a date.

Our team will complete the majority of your Home Energy Makeover on your appointment day.

2018 Home Energy Makeover Upgrade Package:

1. Attic insulation – bringing your attic insulation up to an R-38 rating
2. Insulated attic radiant barrier
3. Installation of up to 25 insulated outlet covers
4. Furnish and install up to 20 LED energy saving light bulbs
5. Installation of one attic cap – as applicable
6. Installation of one water heater blanket – as applicable
7. Wrap hot water pipes with an insulated sheath

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