Inside Out Home Improvement


Inside Out Home Improvement was established in January 1997. Although we are a sole proprietorship company we function more like a family owned or employee-owned company. What is meant by that is every one of our sub-contractors have worked with us for so many years that we are like family, a family that is qualified to tear your house down and rebuild it the way you want it. We know each other skills and abilities and not only trust the job will be done right, we know it’ll be right the first time. Because of the knowledge, skills and actual construction experience of everyone associated with Inside Out Home Improvement we are able to bring over 40 years experience into every home improvement project we do.

All of us at Inside Out Home Improvement believe in supporting our local economy. All of the employees and sub-contractors are either born in Dallas or got here as fast as they could. Whenever it is possible we prefer to purchase our materials from the local manufacturers. By doing this we are able to help them grow their business, keep their local employees and possibly hire more people and in return, all of us are helping to give this economic downturn a boost in the right direction. In short, by hiring Inside Out Home Improvement for your project you are saying “Yes” to Texas and “Yes” to your local area.


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