Insurance Claims

If your home has suffered damage as a result of a storm or any other natural disaster, filing an insurance claim may seem like quite a piece of work. This feeling is common for homeowners who have never had to file an insurance claim before. But Inside Out Home Improvement can help you with Dallas insurance claims and make things a lot more straightforward. We specialize in helping the homeowner throughout the entire insurance restoration process.

Lets Us Help You With Your Dallas Insurance Claims

If you believe that your home has suffered from hail damage, storms or fire, calling Inside Out Home Improvement right away can save you a lot of hassle. Our Dallas insurance claims experts will perform an inspection of your home to find out the extent and nature of damage that could have occurred. We will then make a recommendation as to whether you should file a home insurance claim.

After the Claim Had Been Filed

Once a claim is filed, you can provide Inside Out Home Improvement with the claim number.

Our company has handled many insurance restoration cases in the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex and we’ve worked with numerous insurance companies.
We will act as your representative, meeting the insurance adjuster at your home so that the claims restoration process can get underway. By having your contractor talk to the insurance adjuster on site, your insurance company will see that getting repair work done in an efficient and professional way is of utmost importance to you. We will also point out any damage found to the insurance adjuster.

After Your Inspection

After your home has been thoroughly inspected for damage, we will work to reach a fair agreement between you and the insurance company. At this point, while you wait to receive the first payment from your insurer, we will begin the process of your restoration project. Inside Out Home Improvement will work together with you to choose the necessary materials and set up the project’s schedule.

Certificate Of Completion

After the project has been completed and you are fully satisfied with the work done, Inside Out Home Improvement will deliver a certificate of completion and any additional documents that your insurance company may need. That way, your final payment for the damage claim can be released to you quickly.

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