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Inside Out Home Improvement was founded in Dallas, Texas January 1997.

I started roofing in 1977 in Dallas, Texas. In 1980 I roofed, installed Vinyl Siding and installed replacement windows. Since then I’ve learned just about every trade needed to build or remodel your home.

Yes, we are fully insured for your protection.

Yes we are a proud member of the BBB and we have an A+ rating.

Yes you will be able to communicate with the crew each roofing crew has a bilingual foreman

I have worked with the crews ranging from 16 years to 6 years.

Some of the crews go back as far as me over 35 years and the younger crews have 10+ years experience.

What project do you want us to do? We are qualified to tear your house down and rebuild it the way you want it. We can do most anything you want done.

Yes, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with your insurance company. We’ve been in business long enough that several insurance companies know us real well and we work with each other to take care of you.

Plain and simple the answer is, NO. It is illegal for a contractor or roofer to pay all or part of your deductible. I know there are unscrupulous roofers and contractors who will break the law for you but Inside Out Home Improvement wants to do your project and keep everyone out of jail. Check out our blog on roofing scams for more information on this subject.

This may sound like a simple question but the answer is not that simple. It depends on the roof size, the pitch and the roofing material you need. The best way to answer this question is to schedule an appointment with your Inside Out Home Improvement Roof Expert.

Unlike specialty service companies like roofing, siding and window companies we are a full service home improvement company so we can do everything on your adjuster report from the roof, gutters, fence, siding, windows and interior work. This is not a problem for us and won’t be one for you because we have the professionals for these projects.

That’s a good looking question just like the one before it. It depends on your roof. This question can be answered after you schedule your appointment with you Inside Out Home Improvement Roof Expert.

No, as long as we have access around your house you don’t have to be there unless you want to help tear off, load shingles or fix lunch.

No, not usually. It depends on your project and if we need materials the have to be special ordered for your home.

We really don’t see others as competitors we may be competition to them but Inside Out Home Improvement is not in business to compete with them we are here to serve you.

When you sign a contract or a contingent contract with Inside Out Home Improvement you get to utilize all of our resources from a licensed claims adjuster, knowledgeable staff, highly experienced project managers, high quality products, to the skilled craftsmen installing your products. Not to mention over 35 years experience in this business. We’ve been in business since 1997 so we’ll be around to stand behind our work.

We can get any window product you want but we prefer to support the local manufactures when it is possible because their products are not only made locally they are made for our local climate which makes it a great product for your home.

Yes, with Inside Out Home Improvement you have choices and you can choose the color, style and material that will fit your home.

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